What Happens in Muncie, IN…

Hello citizens!

Man, has it been a rough month for anyone else? Camp NaNoWriMo just wrapped up and Goddess above, I have never had to fight for a word count like I did last month. I made it, barely, but I’ll recap that later once I catch my breath.

The really exciting thing that happened in July was just last weekend. The all mighty Midwest Writers Workshop was last weekend and it was Glorious. I’m not the first to blog about it, I’m usually two steps behind in this. So, to see a play by play of what all went down over the weekend check out Mo’s Media Minute and subscribe. She’s really a much better blogger than me and has one hell of a life story. You should pester her to get her memoir written. Get on that. Another great recount of MWW13 comes from the always fabulously fizzy Fizzygrrl. Follow her too, because you just can’t have enough exuberant swearing in your life.

What I’m saying, is there are a lot of great bloggers who have already covered this.

My favorite session came from Colleen Coble – Award Winning Author of Tidewater Inn where we discussed the layers of a story. We turned the class into a think tank and for an hour helped those brave souls willing to tell the 20+ people in the room about their book add depth to their characters, their settings, and plot line. And no, I was not one of those brave souls.

While the faculty was amazing and informative, Author Hank Phillippi Ryan had a wonderfully inspiring closing speech, my highlight happened to come from a fellow attendee. I’m very shy, socially awkward, and woefully lacking in confidence. I’ve been told that I often come across as aloof, cold, and angry because I don’t talk to people and am hesitant to initiate conversation. It’s agonizing because I really would like to talk to you, I just don’t know how to do it. I’m in awe of people like Fizzygrrl who can just burst into a room like the Kool-Aid man and make friends. It’s like a superpower. So when an attendee stopped to tell me I would make an incredible protagonist because of my style and confidence I almost fell over.



Madam, I am a fraud. I’m selling snake oil, cheap health insurance, a bridge in New York, and ocean front property in Nebraska. You must have me confused for someone else. The coffee must have been laced with LSD.

I can’t remember what I said. I’m certain I stumbled through some kind of thank you because I’m Midwest Polite right down to my chromosomes, but holy hell. Me?

It’s just one more story from MWW. I swear, for three days in July Muncie, IN turns into Vegas. Anything can happen.

But you can talk about it later.


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