Adventures Abroad: China Confirmation

Probably should’ve skipped the coffee this morning. I am bouncing off the walls.

So yesterday I got my official start date for my Cambodia adventure, January 25th. (squeee!) Which I am totally still flailing about, but this morning I woke up and found an e-mail from the staffing agency that is in charge of placing me in China. (SQUEEEE!)

So I have over 100 locations to choose from, thankfully, I already figured out about which city I want to be in, Xi’an—the city with the terracotta warriors—so it only took my about an hour and a half to narrow down my top three choices.

First up, Yanliang which, according to the staffing site, is a “small” town of about 200,000.


Yeah, not in Kansas anymore.

Actually, that might be the population of Kansas.

But it’s about an hour away from downtown Xi’an and busses head that way every fifteen minutes. And it’s only an hour and five minutes away from the terracotta army. And it seems to be far enough from Xi’an that residents don’t have the heavy amounts of smog and pollution to contend with. Double points. I’d post some pictures, but it seems Miss China 2014 is from Yanliang and no matter what search I put in I just wind up with a thousand pictures of her in a bikini.



Second choice is Xingping, which was very close to being first choice, again, another “small” “rural” city of 120,000. But this one is in a mountain valley surrounded by farmland. The perks listed on the school site are that a short bike ride gets you out into the countryside.

Seriously, people, look at this.

A beautiful sunset view from the top of Karst Peak in Xingping China.

The only reason it didn’t get first choice is because I can’t afford my Japanese Encephalitis vaccine and it’s listed as being an issue only in rural areas. I mean, I’ll take my chances and go first chance I get, but I figure I better at least pretend to do some preventative measures.

And third choice is Weinan. A “small” city of 900,000 *falls over laughing*

This place has the Hyde Park of China, though. It’s surrounded by mountains and rivers, one of which is HuaShan Mountain, one of the sacred peaks of China. 56 emperors made a pilgrimage to this mountain.

Look. At. This.


So I’m just running around screaming right now. Like, I’m stressed trying to make sure I’ll have my stateside business taken care of before I go, but SERIOUSLY, LOOK AT THIS



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